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NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you PRINT OUT this page and read it thoroughly. You should also read ALL PAGES on this website before beginning your science project.

Adult Encouragement

The Franklin Science Council encourages parents, teachers, and friends to provide support for each student’s science fair project, as all students deserve encouragement of their efforts. However, help must be limited to encouragement, suggestions, and advice. The actual experiment and exhibit must be the work solely of the student.

How to Enter

Use the online registration form on this website. Individual schools may restrict entrants to certain grade levels or levels of achievement and may screen exhibits for suitability. Late entries may be penalized or rejected. Final acceptance will be at the discretion of the Franklin Science Council.

Classification of Exhibits

Each exhibit may be entered in a single category only; fair officials reserve the right to reclassify an exhibit at their discretion. The division in which an exhibit is entered is automatically determined by the student’s grade level in school. See the Divisions page for details.

Multiple Projects

Students may enter up to two projects. However, if both projects from a student are selected for the Championship Competition, only one project will be able to be selected as the Champion or Grand Champion project.


Judging will take place on Friday evening (see Schedule). Decisions of the judges are final, and judges may make or withhold awards in any category or division. Exhibits are judged on the basis of originality, scientific approach, clarity, workmanship, and the appearance and appeal of the display.


  1. Exhibits may be entered in the Franklin Science and Technology Fair by any student in grades K through 12 attending public, private, cyber, or home school within Franklin or Fulton County.
  2. Partnered (two-person) exhibits are permitted; however, they will be judged and awarded separately from individual entries.
  3. Exhibits must be confined to a space not to exceed 32″ wide, 30″ deep (front to back), and 108″ high. The weight may not exceed 250 lb.
  4. Exhibits shown in a previous Franklin Science and Technology Fair may not be entered (although a topic from a previous year may be repeated if the scope of the project is expanded; titles of exhibits are kept on file for reference.)
  5. Live animals must be properly cared for during experimentation; no live animals may be displayed at the Fair.
  6. Neither the entrant’s name nor photograph may appear anywhere on the exhibit. Cover any other faces in photos with paper during judging.
  7. If your project requires a computer display, you are responsible for providing the computer.


  1. Exhibits deemed to be unsafe are not permitted. In particular, dangerous chemicals, open flames, explosives, and live animals are strictly prohibited. All bacteria and molds must be in proper containers and thoroughly sealed. All foods, including seeds and animal body parts, must be in sealed bags or other sealed containers.
  2. Only 120-volt AC power is provided. No exhibits may be operated, which require more than 5 amperes. Only 120-volt switches may be used on 120-volt circuits. Open-knife switches and doorbell pushbuttons will be allowed only on battery-operated lines. All electrical circuits and equipment must be properly insulated and protected from contact by the public.
  3. Other facilities, such as water or compressed air, must be provided by the exhibitor and must not pose public hazard. All liquids must be in closed containers.
  4. Every effort will be made to protect exhibits against loss or damage, but all projects are entered at the risk of the exhibitor. Neither Chambersburg Area School District, the individual schools, nor the members of the Franklin Science Council will assume responsibility for loss or damage.

International Rules (for projects that proceed to regional science fair)

Intel Rules

Good luck to all!