In addition to a Certificate of Participation to each student (and a ribbon to each Primary student), the following regular awards will be given in each category:

In the Primary and Intermediate divisions:

First placemedal

Second place medal
Third place medal
Fourth place ribbon
Fifth place ribbon
Honorable mention ribbon

In the Junior and Senior divisions, all entries:

First place medal
Second place medal
Third place medal
Honorable mention ribbon

NOTE:  At the judges’ discretion, additional category awards may be given to entries in any category of any division having an especially large number of entries. Awards to partnered entries are made in duplicate.

Champion and Grand Champion winners will receive their monetary award at the Championship Competition.

Anticipated Special Awards

American Chemical Society will provide cash awards in the amounts of $150 toward the Linus Pauling First Prize, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place for chemistry-related exhibits in Jr. or Sr. division.

Dr. Robert Goldman and Dr. Doris Armstrong Goldman will award the Charles Darwin Prize at the $250 level for a project in the Junior or Senior Division in biology.

Summit Health will award Louis Pasteur Prize in medicine and health, a $250 award in the Distinguished Scientist Series for an entry in the Junior or Senior division.

Manitowoc Cranes will award two $100 prizes for engineering projects in mobility, lifting, and transportation.

The Evening Kwanis Club will award $50 to one exemplary elementary project and $75 to one exemplary secondary project in the area of either life science or Earth science.

Wilson College will present two awards, each consisting of $50 and a book, to recognize two girls in the Junior Division whose work most clearly demonstrates the use of the scientific method in addressing a specific problem.

Chambersburg Dental Associates sponsors a single award of $50 to an exhibit that best presents the importance of caring for teeth and oral hygiene.

Letterkenny Army Depot will award gift cards for exhibits addressing Energy and Environmental Science in the Primary through Senior divisions. First place: $100 gift card, second place: $75 gift card, third place: $50 gift card in each division in both energy and environmental science.

Penn State Mont Alto awards a certificate for an exhibit in each division that creatively applies the methods of science.

Shippensburg University Chemistry Club will provide a $25 award for a chemistry related project in the Junior or Senior Division.

Tuscarora Wildlife Educational project will sponsor the Rachel Carson Award of $100 for an exemplary environmental/wildlife project.

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology offers the Science and Technology Scholar Award for Juniors (11th grade) and Seniors (12th grade).  The Science and Technology Scholar Award will cover up to $15,000 each year for up to four (4) Academic Years at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.  The University requires that the  students file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before the start of the academic year and complete any state grant applications by their deadlines.  Once the FAFSA data has been received, HU will provide the students with a complete financial aid package that details each student’s overall aid eligibility, including the scholarship as well as any state and federal grants for which the students qualify. This award is not transferable and nor is it stackable with any other scholarship from Harrisburg University. Questions can be addressed to